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As the owner of dominant malls and open-air centers in dynamic markets across the country, we recognize our properties and our company play a major role in the communities in which we operate.

Stephen Lebovitz, CEO, CBL Properties

CBL has formed a dedicated ESG Team focused on sustainability, social governance, and corporate governance as well as ESG reporting. The members that make up this committee represent various departments within the Company such as Management, Investor Relations, People & Culture, and Public Relations and is led by a member of CBL’s executive management team. CBL’s ESG Team reports to the CEO and to the board of directors on at least an annual basis.

Read more about CBL’s commitment to our people and the communities we serve in a letter from our CEO here.

CBL believes that we should embrace corporate responsibility, promoting a culture of accountability, fairness, and transparency in how we manage our relationships with investors, employees, tenants, and partners. We have a comprehensive set of policies and procedures that govern the activities of the group, including:

  • Social policies – CBL sets standards on diversity and equal opportunity employment, worker rights, discrimination, stakeholder engagement, employee performance and career development, human rights and workplace accountability, freedom of association, and labor practices.
  • Governance policies – CBL maintains standards and policies on bribery and corruption, data protection & privacy, cybersecurity, executive compensation, fiduciary duty, fraud, political contributions, whistleblower protection, internal audit, and risk management. CBL also maintains a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan designed to minimize the impact of an unplanned business interruption
  • Sustainability policies – CBL maintains policies outlining CBL’s commitment to sustainable building practices, sustainable property management and is progressing towards implementing opportunities to include green lease language.