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CBL has a legacy of giving back to the communities in which we work and live. Through donations of time and financial support, our teams contribute to the betterment of our communities. This is all that should be in the original text box in ContentStack

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We believe that we are stronger as a team and that collectively we can make an even bigger impact on our communities. CBL Cares, a team-member-led program that launched in 2012, gives our team the opportunity to do just that by contributing financially to a CBL Cares fund. The CBL Cares committee reviews applications from non-profit organizations as well as recommendations from other team members and provides financial support to a wide array of organizations that work to meet the diverse needs of our communities. Through CBL Cares, each team member is provided 16 hours per year of volunteer time, making it easy for them to give of their time and expertise to an organization that means the most to them.

Despite ongoing challenges to in-person volunteer activities, CBL team members volunteered 840 hours, and XX% of us participated in our United Way campaign through fundraising events, Day of Caring, or direct campaign contributions. In addition to corporate-driven programs and initiatives, each CBL property works closely with organizations in their communities to host awareness and fundraising events and XX% of us are engaged in ongoing volunteer boards or committees.

Additionally, we believe that civic engagement is just as important as community engagement when it comes to the betterment of our markets. As a result, CBL has committed to the principles put forth by the Time To Vote movement, a business-led non-partisan initiative to help ensure employees across America have access to voter registration information and deadlines as well as paid time to vote on or before election day.

2022 Goals:

  • Maintain XX% participation in our United Way workplace campaign through participation in fundraising events, Day of Caring activities, or direct campaign contributions.
  • Increase the percentage of employees engaged in volunteer activities to XX% and increase the number of hours contributed to non-profit organizations to 900.
  • Continue to encourage CBL team members to exercise their right to vote by providing timely and relevant information about voter registration information and deadlines.

CBL has proudly supported a number of national and Chattanooga-based non-profit organizations, including:

CBL Cares